3D Product Rendering & Visualization

High-Quality, Crisp Imagery – Perfect for Advertising, Catalogs, Furniture Manufactures and Online Stores

High Detail Sofa 3D Product Rendering

Transforming Product Presentation: 3D Lifestyle Renderings

Gone are the days of renting lavish homes or staging furniture for photoshoots. Enter product lifestyle renderings, offering you the liberty to select any desired space for showcasing your products. Beyond merely setting a scene, these renderings evoke emotions and narrate stories, providing a realistic context. They empower customers to envision products seamlessly integrating into their lives. Tailored to suit your target audience’s tastes, these images forge deeper, more personal connections with your products

3D Lifestyle Rendering

Low and High Poly
3d Modeling

Unlock High-Detail 3D Modeling for Your Furniture Business

At 4dviz, we specialize in crafting immersive 3D models and renderings tailored for furniture companies, manufacturers, and ecommerce shops. Our expert team delivers stunningly realistic visuals that elevate your brand, streamline design processes, and boost sales.

Why Choose Us for 3D Product Rendering?

  • Elevate Your Brand: Stand out with captivating 3D product renderings.
  • Streamline Design: Refine designs before production with high-detail modeling.
  • Boost Sales: Engage customers and drive conversions with lifelike visuals.
  • Enhance Marketing: Elevate your campaigns with eye-catching 3D product renderings.


Partner with 4dviz for Expert Results

Our experienced team is committed to delivering exceptional results. Whether you’re a manufacturer or an ecommerce shop owner, we have the expertise in 3D product rendering to bring your vision to life.

360 Product Rendering

3D Silo Rendering

Stop Motion

Wireframe with Dimensions


Just mail us to c@4dviz.com or hello@4dviz.com. Our client managers will contact you ASAP.

The cost depends on the outcome you wants to the end. Please share what results you want we’ll then provide you tailored quotation.

Yes, corrections are free. However, changes to project requirements will incur additional costs. We can discuss specifics before starting the project.

If the results don’t meet your quality standards, you can request a refund within 30 days of payment.

We ensure quality through a double-check system: first, Project Managers review the results using our Quality Assessment criteria, then our QA team verifies each result before final delivery.

We accept all types of files, including sketches and video briefings. If you want us to follow your drawings precisely, please send them. Ideally, we prefer:

  • For plans and drawings: CAD, DWG, PDF, or simillar file format
  • For 3D models: any format you have, such as Max, 3ds, Obj, Fbx, Blend, etc
  • To show the object’s appearance: links to websites or photos of the product in any format

Still confuse, knock us through our email hello@4dviz.com

We Accept

– Visa, Mastercard

– Bank Transfer

– Payoneer

– Wise

Of course. Send us your request via email, specifying the type of results you need, and we’ll send you a proposal by the next business day.

Switching to CGI offers high-quality product imagery without the need for photoshoots, prototypes, or shipping. Benefits include:

  • Requesting more views
  • Easily changing details
  • Displaying all customization options
  • Opportunities to transforming your product for AR
  • Promoting your brand internationally, as interior design companies can use your models in their projects.

CGI is more cost-effective than product photography, as it eliminates different expenses like decor rental, storage, shipping, photoshoot locations, and a separate Project Manager. Plus, we offer discounts for large-scale projects, providing excellent value for money.

On average, high-detail 3D furniture modeling and photorealistic rendering take up to 72 hours. The exact time depends on factors like the number of views, model complexity, and background. For a precise estimate, please contact us through the form.

Outsourcing offers benefits in time, cost, and resource management:

  • We can support you during peak seasons.
  • We handle large-scale projects quickly.
  • We save you from routine tasks.
  • Better value: no need to cover holidays, sick leaves, or training.
  • Simplified workflow: Project Managers handle all details, delivering final results to you.